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Lack of Clear Rules in Nursery Admissions to KG, Class I Makes Parents Suffer New Delhi

Without the proper guidelines for taking admission in city schools, parents in Delhi are in jeopardy on which guidelines to follow while trying to admit their kids on various schools. Last year the lieutenant governor had fixed the criteria for selection for schools, but many of the schools choose not to follow the regulations for admissions in KG (also called ‘pre-primary’) and Class I.

Delhi Nursery Admissions 2015 2016 Guidelines Expected In Nov And Not Much Change In New Guidelines

Nursery Admissions Guidelines Expected In Nov And Not Much Change In New Admission Guidelines 2015-16



Delhi Parents Want Clear Rules For Nursery Admissions 2015-16 To KG And Class I

NEW DELHI: If any set of parents is worse off than those applying for nursery (pre-school) seats, it would be the one applying for KG or Class I. The first lot can at least count on uniform guidelines; the second can't. Last year, when the lieutenant governor fixed the criteria for selection for schools, several chose not to follow these for admission into KG (also called 'pre-primary') and Class I. This group of parents is waiting for the guidelines just as eagerly but aren't sure if they'll be applicable. 

Guidelines Expected Next Month For Nursery School Admissions

Nursery admission 2015 -2016 tough fight for admission in KG

 सेशन 2015-16 के नर्सरी एडमिशन फॉर्म्युले में इस बार अपर एज लिमिट फिक्स होना करीब-करीब तय हो गया है। नर्सरी में 3 से 4 साल तक के बच्चों को इस बार एडमिशन मिलेगा, लेकिन अपर एज लिमिट फिक्स होने का एक असर यह होगा कि इस बार केजी में एडमिशन की राह मुश्किल हो जाएगी। स्कूलों में केजी की ऐप्लीकेशन का भी नया रेकॉर्ड बन सकता है। उन पैरंट्स को मुश्किल होगी, जो पिछले साल अपने बच्चे को नर्सरी में एडमिशन नहीं दिलवा पाए थे और इस बार बच्चे की उम्र चार साल से ज्यादा हो गई है। इन पैरंट्स के सामने अब केवल केजी क्लास का ऑप्शन ही होगा लेकिन केजी क्लास में ज्यादा सीटें नहीं होती हैं।


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